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Scenario 1: In-school classes resume

Learning Commons


I miss everyone coming to the learning commons this year but I am excited to visit everyone in their classrooms.  I will be delivering books for you to read that will stay in the class.  We also want to have some fun: reading, building, and imagining, while I am in the class too.

Don't forget if you want to see what books are available at our school or place a hold on a book that you want to read, visit the library website, destiny.lethsd.ab.ca or click on this shortcut,  Destiny  .  You can hold one or two books at a time.  From the Division main page, click on Lakeview and log in with your school email and pasword.  When you have found the book you want, click 'hold it'. I will bring it to your class when it is available.

Mrs. Truscott



Anytime is a good time for a book!  Try to read every day.  Read to yourself or read to someone else.  Read to a pet or a stuffed toy or have someone read to you.  Reading helps spark imagination and stimulate curiosity.  It helps to develop your brain, your ability to focus, your concentration.  It builds social skills and communication skills.  It is enjoyable!


Who doesn't love to throw a paper airplane?  I try my best, but my planes rarely fly very well.  It doesn't matter, it is fun to watch it zig zag all over the place.  Sometimes it does fly straight and I am the one jumping up and down as mine flies the farthest!  Why don't you try to see how far a plane, that you built, can fly?  There are so many types of planes, some easy to build and some, quite challenging.  Build your own design or you can click Fold 'N Fly for some patterns.


Lethbridge School Division provides free access to TumbleBooks for all students. Click TumbleBooks to read digital books, watch videos and play games!

The Rocky Mountain Book Award (RMBA) is a readers’ choice program, which invites students to choose the best book from a shortlist chosen by a committee of teachers, librarians, parents and students. This Alberta-based program is designed to motivate and stimulate the reading interests of students in grades 4-7 to read some exemplarey Canadian literature. At Lakeview, students in grade 4 and 5 read and vote for their favorite book.  For more information visit the webiste: Rocky Mountain Book Awards