Learners are innovative thinkers who are successful, confident, respectful and caring

Scenario 1: In-school classes resume


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Living to Learn, Learning to Live

This is our school's statement about the future. It is used regularly by all members of the Lakeview staff as they plan programs and work with our students.


The Lakeview School Community is committed to providing a positive learning environment that promotes the development of responsible, productive citizens.


Working within the framework of the District's Goals of Education, as a staff and parents, we will do all we can to discover and cultivate the talents and capabilities of each student and to assist in his/her growth towards becoming a mature, creative and responsible adult. To accomplish this task all available resources will be tapped. Lakeview School will contantly endeavour to provide the most nourishing environment attainable by integrating the positive influences of all its communities: school, community and home.

As teachers and parents we believe the best learning happens when:

  • Children feel safe, secure and accepted
  • Children experience success
  • Children are actively involved
  • Learning activities are meaningful to children
  • Trial and error are acceptable
  • Children are communicating about their learning
  • Children are challenged
  • Children feel encouraged
  • Children encounter positive modeling
  • The physical and emotional needs of students are met
  • School and families work in partnership

Principal's Message 2020

Hello to the wonderful students and families of Lakeview. I am so happy to be a part of such an amazing school. I have been a teacher for many years in and around Southern Alberta. Before joining the Lakeview staff I was an administrator at Sunnyside School, Coalhurst Elementary, and Senator Buchanan. I was a kindergarten teacher for many years and truly believe that quality learning experiences in the earliest years set a student up for lifelong success. I am passionate about Literacy, Numeracy, and all things Elementary! I have two daughters and a new grand-daughter that I love spending time with. I like to read, create, and travel. Please feel free to contact me at the school to chat! I am so excited to be working with your children, and the fantastic staff at Lakeview!