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Staggered Entry

2024 - 2025 Staggered Entry

Staggered Entry 

Lakeview Elementary is committed to making sure everyone has a great first day of school. Having fewer students attend through a staggered entry process allows teachers to provide more individual attention to each student on the first day and provides an opportunity for everyone to become better acquainted with classroom routines and procedures. Regular classes begin for all K-5 students on Thursday, September 5. 

Kindergarten Staggered Entry  

Please refer to the Kindergarten package that has been emailed to families to determine your child's day and the process for staggered entry in Kindergarten.

Grade 1-5 Students (full days)

Family names A-K attend Tuesday, September 3 (8:40-3:50) 

Family names L-Z attend Wednesday September 4 (8:40-3:50) 

Regular classes begin for Grade 1- 5 students begin on Thursday, September 5.